Family Essential Nutrition Pack

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057815 8 Bottles 2 Basic Boxes
257815 8 Btl, 2 Boxes (CA Only)

Par of Conklin's lineup of proven health products, the Family Essential Pack provides daily essentials for the whole family.

  • His Defense® Next Generation - 1 60-count bottle
  • Her Defense® Next Generation - 1 60-count bottle
  • Probiotic Support - 2 60-count bottle
  • Enzyme Support - 2 60-count bottles
  • LIFETRACK® Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement - 2 90-count bottles
  • LIFETRACK Basics® Dietary Supplement Boxes - 2 boxes

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Product (SKU: 057815, 257815(CA Only)): 8 Bottles 2 Basic Boxes - Family Essential Nutrition Pack. This essential pack provides the immune system support for the whole family. It’s a great product to put on Auto Order. Support your family’s health, get a 15% discount on your favorite health products. The Family Essential Pack contains, 1 His Defense, 1 Her Defense, 2 Probiotic Support, 2 Enzyme Support, & 2 Boxes of LIFETRACK Basics.
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