Syntose FA®

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Easy-to-use sugar that is ready for mixing when ready to go to the field.

A unique blend of readily available sugars and fulvic acid ideal for use on all soils and plants. Syntose FA easily incorporates into current operations, readily mixing with starter fertilizers and other key nutrients and chemistries. The unique combination of ingredients, coupled with Conklin’s commitment to quality, provides a distinctive, beneficial and simple to apply product.

Benefits of Syntose FA®:

  • Sugars provide necessary energy to stimulate microbial life in soil, promoting healthy plant soil ecology.
  • Fulvic acid is a natural chelating agent and can easily penetrate plant cells, helping the plant take up nutrients.
  • Easy to use and tank mix – no hassles trying to dissolve granular sugar sources.
  • Each pint of Syntose FA provides 1 lb of sugar.
  • Value in both soil and foliar applications.
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Synotose FA® Liquid Sugar with Fulvic Acid, 41792, 41794
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