Reflections™ Plus Multipurpose Glass Cleaner

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040612 32 OZ, 6 EA
010512 1 GAL, 4 EA

Anti-fog, streak-free formula

This ammonia-free formula offers superior cleaning that is powerful enough to cut dirt and film on windows, mirrors, countertops, stovetops, and refrigerators. The streak free, anti-fog properties work wonders on bathroom mirrors and vehicle’s interior windows.


This product demonstration video features cleaning demonstrations using Reflections™ Plus Multipurpose Glass Cleaner.

Does Reflections™ Plus Multipurpose Class Cleaner need to be diluted?

Reflections™ Plus Multipurpose Glass Cleaner comes ready to use. No dilution is needed. Diluting Reflections™ Plus Multipurpose Glass Cleaner could cause streaking on glass and mirrors and decrease the product's performance. Reflections™ Plus Multipurpose Glass Cleaner is streak- free and anti-fog!

Recycle 32-oz Reflections™ Plus Multipurpose Glass Cleaner spray bottles and refill with the gallon jug, product #010512.

Does Reflections® Plus Multipurpose Glass Cleaner contain ammonia?

Reflections™ Plus Multipurpose Glass Cleaner is ammonia-free, making it safer for mirrors and other surfaces. Reflections™ Plus Multipurpose Glass Cleaner is anti-fog and streak-free. Recycle the 32-oz Reflections™ Plus Multipurpose Glass Cleaner spray bottle and refill from the gallon jug, product #010512.

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