Gold Guard Plus® SAE 50

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041589 2.5 GAL, 2 EA
041593 55 GAL

Extended-Drain, Heavy-Duty Manual Transmission Fluid – Keeps your transmission shifting properly

Specifically formulated as a long-drain, severe service manual transmission fluid capable of extending drain intervals to 500,000 miles.  Full PAO synthetic formula offers the best in shear stability, volatility, and all-temperature performance, and is designed for the extreme conditions your transmission can see regularly over the entire oil drain interval.

  • Provides outstanding cold-temperature performance
  • Provides excellent wear protection
  • Inhibits oxidation and resists the effects of heat
(Size: 75.1 KB)
Gold Guard Plus SAE 50 Manual Transmission Fluid MSDS,material safety data sheet,technical bulletin,041589,41589,041593,41593
(Size: 767.2 KB)
Gold Guard Plus SAE 50 Manual Transmission Fluid spec sheet,specifications,technical bulletin,041589,41589,041593,41593
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