SpunFlex I Fabric

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057825 38'' x 300'
054684 76'' x 300'
056326 4'' x 300'

100%-knit polyester fabric

This fabric is embedded into Benchmark®, Rapid Roof III® and Rapid Roof® HV to provide exceptional tensile and tear strength. This special reinforcement fabric substantially increases the strength and durability of the roofing system. This results in a membrane that resists splitting and rupturing, adding to the life expectancy of the roof.

What is the Conklin MR System® Metal Roof Restoration?

The Conklin MR (Metal Roofing) System is a cost-effective method to waterproof the seams of metal roof decks. The MR System features a fabric reinforcement of SpunFlex fabric over the roof seams embedded into the Benchmark®, Rapid Roof III®, Equinox®, Puma® XL or Rapid Roof® HV coating systems.

The fabric reinforcement increases the strength of the membrane, and resists splitting and rupturing along the seams and protrusions where metal roofs usually develop leaks. To further reduce the risk of leaks, all fasteners are sealed with Conklin's Kwik Kaulk® (Fastener Grade). A reflective, white top coat across the entire roof lowers cooling costs, and reduces expansion and contraction from thermal shock.

What is the difference between SpunFlex Fabric and SpunFlex II?

The SpunFlex II fabric must be used on the end-lap (horizontal) seams. SpunFlex II is more flexible and twice as thick as SpunFlex, which can be used on side-lap (vertical) seams. Both of these materials add durability and tear resistance to Conklin’s acrylic roof coatings.

How do you apply the tape and paint?

Conklin does not carry tape for paint. Conklin does carry fabric and Butyl Tape for several of its roof systems.

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