Prime Time®

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006395 55 GAL
006379 5 GAL

Primer for Conklin acrylic roof systems

This premium quality acrylic latex roof primer is designed to prepare rough, weathered, and irregular substrates for a Conklin coating. Prime Time can be considered “liquid insurance” for optimum performance of Conklin Roofing Systems.

For use with these roofing systems: Fabric-Reinforced

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Prime Time primer for Conklin acrylic coatings spec sheet,primetime,specs,6379,006379,6387,006387,6395,006395,roofing primers,primer,recoating,roofs,coating
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Prime Time Primer for Conklin Acrylic Materials Safety Data Sheet,msds,technical bulletin,6379,6395,6387,006379,006395,006387
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