Amplify-D® Dry Seed Emergence Aid

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Dry Powder Seed Emergence Aid with Micronutrients

Dry Seed Emergence Aid with Micronutrients 

This planter-box-applied product is an easily identifiable blue powder with talc to improve seed flow and lubrication, reducing the effects of high humidity. Use 2.5 pounds to treat 500 pounds of small-seeded crops or 1,000 pounds of large-seeded crops.

What are Amplify-D® and Amplify-L®?

Amplify-D and Amplify-L are seed emergence aids which are registered with the various states as low analysis fertilizers. These products contain an additional amount of the adenosine mono phosphate (AMP) found naturally in seeds.

By providing the seed with additional AMP and fertilizer, seedling vigor is enhanced and emergence is improved. The plant gets off to a quicker, more uniform start and performs better over the growing season. That translates into the potential for faster maturity, better yields and higher profits. Seeds treated with Amplify-D or Amplify-L are more able to withstand stressful conditions (cold, wet conditions) commonly experienced during planting.

Amplify-D and Amplify-L will not interfere with pesticide performance. Corn, milo grain sorghum, wheat and other small grains, alfalfa, cotton and small seeded grasses have demonstrated consistent profitable results.

  • Amplify-L is a liquid seed treatment applied at a rate of one pound per 700 pounds. (small seeded crops such as alfalfa) -1,500 pounds. (large seeded crops such as corn) of seed (follow label instructions for proper dilution and application).
  • Amplify-D is applied at a rate of 2 - 4 ounces per 50 pounds of seed (follow application guide in container).
  • Corn and cotton: 2 ounces per 50 pounds
  • Wheat and other small grains: up to 4 ounces per 50 pounds.
In general, all types of grass seed and many vegetable crops will respond well to Amplify products. Trial usage is recommended only for crops not listed on the label.

If Amplify-D is stored under cool, dry conditions, the product should remain effective for at least three seasons.

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