Feast® Side-Kick™ 0-0-25 w17S

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Feast Side-Kick is a high-quality, liquid potassium and sulfur fertilizer to fortify starter and foliar fertilizers when sulfur and an additional source of potassium is needed.

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Feast Side-Kick is the highest-analysis potassium plus sulfur liquid fertilizer available designed and intended to fortifier and supplement starter fertilizer. Side-Kick’s high-quality, readily available nutrients make it an excellent partner for most other liquid fertilizers. Side-Kick may be soil-applied, foliar-applied, or applied as fertigation via drip, sprinkler, or flood irrigation. Application rates vary by method, soil test, and intended crop: Deep banded at planting at 1-4 gallons per acre; band-applied at planting with starter fertilizer at 2-4 quarts per acre; or Foliar-applied based upon a tissue test at 1-2 quarts per acre.

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Feast SIde Kick Sidekick Side-Kick 0-0-25w17S Sulfur Potassium potash thiosulfate
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Sidekick, Feast Side-kick Fertilizer Fortifier Spec Sheet,specifications,038695,38695,038690,38690,038711,38711,038750,38750
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Feast Side-Kick 0-0-25+17S fertilizer fortifier MSDS,materials safety data sheet,038711,38711,038729,38729,chemical composition,ingredients,liquid fertilizer,sidekick,sidekik,hazards identification,technical bulletin,first aid,fire fighting,accidental release measures,handling and storage,exposure controls,airborne exposure limits,physical,reactivity,toxicological information,ecological,disposal,regulatory,California proposition 65,birth defects,SARA Title III,leaks,spills,de minimis concentrati
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