Kip Cullers' Nutrient Compass Foliar Fertilizer®

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041657 2.5 GAL, 2 EA
041660 250 GAL

A special blend of foliar applied nutrients to stimulate the plant at critical growth stages to forage for more nutrients in the soil.

Kip Cullers Nutrient Compass Foliar Fertilizer® 

A proprietary blend of NPK fertilizer, micronutrients and
sucrose, the Kip Cullers’ Nutrient Compass Foliar Fertilizer is
designed to stimulate plants at critical growth stages to take
up more nutrients and push plants to achieve greater yields
and increase farmers’ profit potential.
• Encourage more photosynthesis through larger leaves
• Increase nutrient uptake through increased root mass
• Designed to be used in conjunction with the AgroVantage System
• Low application rates, near neutral pH
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