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Feast® 3-18-18 starter and foliar fertilizer that is low-salt and 100% orthophosphate

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Conklin's Feast® fertilizers start with the highest quality raw materials to produce a superior finished product. Unlike most fertilizers in the industry, Feast® is an absolutely clear liquid true solution with certain product specifications: a very low salt index, high solubility, low-biuret, high purity, and is non-corrosive to your equipment.

New Cage Tote package for mini-bulk orders.

What is the application rate for Feast® Yield Master Starter Fertilizers such as 9-18-9, 3-18-18, 8-16-11w2S, 2-15-19w3S and 8-24-0?

The Feast®  Yield Master designation refers to starter fertilizers. Conklin recommends basing recommendations on a complete soil test through Midwest Labs in Omaha, Nebraska.

Apply 2-5 gallons per acre at planting, either in-row, with a splitter or 2X2, depending upon crop and soil texture.  If 2" x 2" application equipment is used, apply 4-8 gallons per acre at planting time. As an alternative and depending upon soil tests, apply a split application of 2-5 gallons per acre in-row or splitter plus 4-8 gallons per acre deep-placed (2" x 2") at planting.

Follow soil test recommendations and include Feast® Micro Master micro and/or secondary nutrients if indicated.

Conklin also provides Feast® Micro and Secondary Nutrients.

What makes Feast® fertilizer better than other fertilizers?

Feast® fertilizers, like other Conklin products, start with high quality, virgin raw materials to produce a high quality finished product with low salt index and impurities. The phosphate in Feast® fertilizer is 100% ortho-phosphate which is available to the plant as soon as the seed germinates. (Poly-phosphates must be converted, requiring ground temperatures in the mid to upper 60 degrees F range or higher.) Feast® fertilizer does not need to be converted to be available to the plant.

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