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Maximize your yields with Feast Micro and Secondary Nutrients

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Essential secondary and micronutrients help crops achieve genetic potential.  Once you have your AgroVantage soil and/or tissue analysis results and recommendations, choose from a full line of Feast Micro Master chelated secondary and micronutrients to balance your soils’ and/or plants’ deficiencies. These nutrients are designed for co-application with starter or foliar fertilizers.

All of our formulations are unsurpassed in consistency, purity, and nutrient availability. Feast nutrients are 100%- chelated using EDTA-chelating agents (to resist soil tie-up and provide universal compatibility) or are complexed to provide ideal physical characteristics for ease-of-handling.

  • Five to 10 times more efficient than inorganic sources
  • Economical, effective, easy to use
  • Compatible with most fertilizers
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Feast Micro Master Chelated Manganese 6.0% Label
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Feast Micro Master Chelated Manganese 6.0% Spec Sheet,specifications,007559,7559,007518,7518,007526,7526,007590,7590
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