Feast® Premium Plus 28-0-0

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Feast Premium Plus 21-0-6w4S for turf and lawn. Contains slow-release nitrogen sources to keep lawn greener longer.

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Nourishes turf with fewer applications

Convenient, spray-on liquid assures more uniform coverage than standard, dry fertilizers and nourishes plants more evenly so you will see results faster. Slow-release formula provides essential nutrients for extended time periods, growing thicker, greener, healthier lawns with fewer applications. Two and one-half gallons covers 10,000 square feet (one quart per 1,000 square feet rate). One or two applications recommended for northern states; southern states may require additional applications.

Does Conklin® have a turf fertilizer?

Yes, Conklin offers two turf fertilizers: Feast® Premium Plus Turf Fertilizer 21-0-6w4S and 28-0-0. 21-0-6w4S is available in a single 2.5-gallon jug or a 5-gallon twin pack and 250-gallon totes.

28-0-0 is available in 250-gallon totes and bulk.

What is Feast® Premium Plus?

Feast Premium Plus 21-0-6W4S contains Premium Plus 28-0-0 AND Feast Side-Kick 0-0-25-17S for turf applications. Feast Premium Plus contains slow release water soluble nitrogen sources. It's Phosphorus-free, and provides available Potassium and Sulfur.

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