Feast 2-15-19+3S

Feast 2-15-19w3S Starter and Foliar Fertilizer

Qty SKU Price Unit Weight/Size
041555 250 GAL

Additional Product Information

Conklin’s Feast fertilizers start with the highest quality raw materials which produce a superior finished product that out performs the competition. For use a row applied starter fertilizer to get your crops off to a great start and then to follow up with strategically timed foliar applications to maximize your crops genetic potential. It has a low salt index providing 100% orthophosphate, potash and sulfur that is safe for in-row, splitter and 2X2 starter fertilizer placement based upon your soils characteristics and your intended crop. Feast 2-15-19w3S is a special blend of our Feast 3-18-18 and Feast Side-Kick fertilizers conveniently pre-blended for your’ application.