Convoy® 10W-30 CK-4 Motor Oil

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Run smoother and longer with Convoy for diesel engines with or without exhaust aftertreatment systems. Convoy 10w-30 CK-4 contains Molybdenum as a frictional modifier for improved performance and efficiency. Meets and exceeds CK-4 and is backwards compatible for CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4 and CH-4 specifications.

Also meets or exceeds: ACEA E7/E9 2016, Caterpillar CAT ECF-3, Cummins CES20086, Detroit Diesel DDC93K222, Mack EOS 4.5, Daimler MB 228.31, Deutz DQC III-18 LA, MAN M3775, MTU Type 2.1, Renault RLD-3 and Volvo VDS 4.5

Not recommended for gasoline engines.


Convoy 10W-30 CK-4 provides protection where the API service category CK-4 engine oil is recommended. 15w-40 CK-4 is backwards compatible to exceed the CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4 and other diesel engine specifications. The enhanced synthetic and PAO synthetic base oils provide superior all-temperature properties, while the conventional oil gives Convoy its parasynthetic name and provides seal protection for the engine’s entire drain interval.

  • Enhanced shear stability

  • Superior friction reduction – improved efficiency

  • Protection against wear and corrosion

  • Long-life oil for extended drain intervals (with oil analysis)

  • Improved reduced sludge and varnish formation

  • Superior thermal and oxidation stability

  • Excellent soot control and acid neutralization

  • Greater aeration control

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Convoy 10W-30 CK-4 Spec Sheet
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