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Universal fluid for all tractor hydraulic systems

Our premier hydraulic transmission fluid, Battalion’s formula extends drain intervals for less maintenance and downtime. Warms up quickly in cold temperatures. Provides excellent wear protection and reduces foaming. Keeps your hydraulic system lasting longer by extending seal and hose life and reducing fluid temperatures.

What is the pour point of Battalion?

The pour point of Battalion is minus (-) 41° Fahrenheit.

Where can I use Battalion?

Battalion is a universal hydraulic transmission fluid that is compatible with all tractor hydraulic transmission fluids. Battalion can also be used in hydraulic systems in trucks, construction equipment, and manufacturing.

Key Benefits

  • Premium universal multi-purpose fluid for tractor transmission and hydraulic systems
  • Parasynthetic benefits
  • Excellent cold-temperature properties
  • Lowers operating temperatures
  • Resists oxidation
  • Extended drain - saves money
  • Excellent wear protection, water tolerance, filterability, and protects against rust and corrosion
  • Provides easier shifting and smoother power transfer
  • Prevents foaming and protects seals

Can I use Battalion in my hydraulic spray pump?

Yes you may use Battalion in your hydraulic spray pump.  It will help keep the oil cooler, running longer, and make for easier running in cold temperatures. Battalion will also keep the seals pliable and conditioned inside the pump.

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