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Picture your success with the Conklin Company

  • Use and market high performance products
  • Our products represent a multibillion dollar market
  • Buy factory direct at discounted prices
  • Large volume potential
    Start a business that works for people
  • Full or part-time
  • Be your own boss
  • Flexible hours
  • Money-saving tax deductions
    Grow your business
  • No special experience required
  • We will help you purchase/use products and build your own business
    Tap into your unlimited potential
  • Enjoy the fellowship
  • Earn awards, prizes and trips
  • Attend memorable events
  • Be recognized for your accomplishments

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A Fit For Life

Kimbra Green

As a part-time nurse, I believe I’m here on earth to help other people. And that’s what all the Conklin products and business opportunities are designed to do!

Second, as a single mom of a college-bound teen, caregiver for elderly parents and manager of a mountain ranch, I need to have the flexibility to attend to my parents’ and kid’s needs, and urgent, ranch-related projects at the drop of a hat.

Third, as a passionate breeder of miniature horses, I want to represent products that I believe in wholeheartedly like Fastrack®. My horses are true champions with the Fastrack program–healthier, happier and looking better than ever before.

I was so inspired by my first training at the Conklin Business Seminar, that I couldn’t help but build my organization rapidly. I can’t believe what an amazing six-month start in my Conklin business has demonstrated so far: I’ve already won the Spirit of Success award, qualified as a PaceSetter, racked up impressive sales figures and been appointed Sales Manager.

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