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Dike® Temporary Radiator Stop Leak

Quickly stops radiator, heater core and hose leaks
Advanced formula seeks out and seals internal leaks, preventing antifreeze and water from seeping into the engine. Compatible with all standard and permanent radiator coolants (both green and orange) in cars, trucks, and water-cooled equipment. Keep Dike in your vehicle emergency kit for on-the-spot repairs or as a preventative measure for vehicles operating under severe conditions. Add one pint to every four gallons of coolant or water.


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Dyke® Temporary Radiator Stop Leak worked in my tractor

I used Dyke® Temporary Radiator Stop Leak on my tractor radiator to stop the leak for three months. I then took the radiator off to get fixed and it started to leak a few days later after being fixed. I needed to put in more Dike and have left it alone since!

Dyke® Temporary Radiator Stop Leak kept my car on the road

Our sons car started leaking antifreeze through the headgasket into a cylinder. We put in a bottle of Dyke® Temporary Radiator Stop Leak and kept on driving it. Six months later is started leaking again. We added another bottle of Dike. Approximately 10 months after that he found someone that wanted the car the way it was. We lost track of the car but we do know that it went at least 1½ years on a bad headgasket with Dike.

Another Dike® Temporary Radiator Stop Leak Success Story

We own an 1981 GMC Topkick diesel truck which we use as our foaming truck. This past summer we were doing some repairs and had to remove the fan belts. When we were installing the belts, the fan slipped and poked a hole in the radiator up near the top. We had to have that truck up and operational, so we poured in a couple of cans of Dike® Temporary Radiator Stop Leak and drove it 3-1/2 hours. We foamed that job, continued driving the truck for the next two months--sometimes having to add a little more Dike due to the height of the hole. However, the mechanic who we brought it to shook his head and said, "There's never a good time to get a leaky radiator." I told him, "I disagree. We got this hole over 2-1/2 months ago and now it is our downtime, so it's o.k.!" Thanks Conklin for creating AWESOME products that WORK!

Dike® Temporary Radiator Stop Leak Saves the Day

When changing the oil in my truck and adding Dike® Temporary Radiator Stop Leak to my cooling system. My neighbor came over and asked if I was a mechanic. I assured him that I wasn't. He told me his radiator was leaking from the bottom and he couldn't afford to take the car to the shop and have it repaired. I told him about Dike, mixed some up for him and poured it into his radiator. I explained that if it didn't work he didn't owe me anything. I came home from work today and as soon as I got out of my van he came over and handed me the money for the Dike. He told me how he and his wife had just taken the car on the Interstate. His wife didn't think it was a good idea since the car overheated every time they reached higher speeds. My neighbor hopped on the Interstate anyway and drove for quite a while, and for the first time since the radiator began leaking, the temperature needle stayed in the safe zone. My neighbor thanked me profusely and walked away smiling.

Dike® Temporary Radiator Stop Leak Fixed Another Problem

The heater core in my Ford pick-up has been leaking slightly, enough that you could smell the anti-freeze and see it on the windshield. I mixed a pint of Dike® Temporary Radiator Stop Leak with gallon of 50-50 anti-feeze and started pouring through a new funnel. To my surprise the mixture stopped flowing through the funnel (it has a screen in it that I had forgotten about) and had to work the mixture through the screen. It took less than a quart to fill the radiator and stop the heater core leak.

Dike® Temporary Radiator Stop Leak Actually Does What It Claims To Do

My 1978 Chevy van that I use every day has over 500,000 miles on it. The radiator split an upper core tube last month. I had about half of a pint of Dike® Temporary Radiator Stop Leak in my demo kit, so I poured it in the hot radiator. Within less than five minutes the leak stopped. When I returned home I added another pint out of the gallon of Dike that was in the fuel shed and have been using the van every day since. Dike has bought me enough time to finish my roofing jobs on time without putting me into downtime. I think that $5.00 was nothing compaired to the hassle of changing the radiator at that time. Now I will choose the time that I want to spend fixing it, as soon as I order a new one (if I don't forget that I had a leak). Also, when I flush out the system for the new radiator, ALL the Dike will come out because it is temporary and will not clog up system. I have used many gallons of this product in cars and trucks that had leaks appear in different places in the systems and have had no complaints from anyone. After 25 years in the auto / truck and field repair business, I wish I would have found these products long before now, because they do what they say.

We fixed a radiator leak in our Motorhome

My husband Barry and I were on are way home last fall in our motorhome and our radiator sprung a leak, water was running out faster than we could pour it in. We were sitting at a convenience store wondering what we were going to do because we were still quite a ways from home. We put a can of Dike® Temporary Radiator Stop Leak in and then put water in and in just a matter of minutes the leak stopped and were able to travel home and to this day have not had the leak and have not had the radiator fixed.

Saving nearly $600 per week

Since starting to use TKO® and Diesel Plus®, we have saved between $400 and $600 in fuel costs per week (based on two to three fills per week) on our 1996 Freightliner with over one million miles on the odometer. Recently, we had a leak in our head gasket and blew a hose, spraying anti-freeze all over the engine. Dike® stopped both leaks and proved to be a lifesaver for us. Dike stopped the leaks before any serious problems occurred. We saved $2,600 in repair costs, and that is a conservative number.

Peace of mind

We were on our way home when the radiator in our motor home sprung a leak with water running out faster than we could pour it back in. We added a can of Dike® temporary radiator stop leak and some water in the radiator. In only a matter of minutes, the leak stopped and we traveled home safely. Now, we never travel without Dike.

One evening, while Don Karesner was working in the field, his field hand called to tell him the tractor he was driving was leaking badly. Don was in the middle of a field job as well and didn’t want to quit. But he stopped long enough to go back to the barn where he grabbed two bottles of Dike and poured them in the tractor. The leak immediately stopped and stayed that way the next day when the tractor was once again back on the job.
-- Alan Derthick

I've been trucking for 27 years. Over the years I've used a variety of lube products, but none have worked as well as Conklin's. For instance, the radiator on my truck is shot, but by adding Dike Radiator Stop Leak, I've been able to travel 2500 miles without having to repair it. And I still haven't. I wouldn't go anywhere without at least three bottles of Dike in my truck. If all of Conklin products are like Dike, Conklin could rule the world. (Or at least the highways!)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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What are the benefits of Dike®?

Dike's® unique formula quickly stops leaks in radiators, heater cores, head gaskets and hose connections when used as directed.

Key Benefits

  • Stops leaks in radiator in seconds
  • Seals internal leaks, preventing antifreeze and water from seeping into the engine
  • Helps gaskets seal better
  • Will not block small passages in the coolant system
  • Works with all antifreezes

Note: If the cooling system is filtered, the filter should be removed or bypassed when using Dike.

Less than 4 gallon systems

For best performance:

  • First flush radiator with Radiator Flush
  • Premix 1 pint of Dike to a minimum of 1 gallon water/antifreeze blend, add to radiator
  • Fill radiator with water/antifreeze blend to manufacture specifications

Large capacity systems

For best performance:

  • First flush radiator with Radiator Flush
  • Use 4 ounces of Dike per gallon coolant capacity
  • Premix Dike with 1 gallon water/antifreeze blend, add to radiator
  • Fill radiator with water/antifreeze blend to manufacture specifications

If you can't find your answer above feel free to ask us. We will give you an answer as soon as possible.

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Dike® Temporary Radiator Stop Leak

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