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Fuel Mate Plus® Gasoline Conditioner

Improves fuel efficiency by restoring and maintaining fuel system performance

Restores and maintains top fuel system performance in gasoline-powered vehicles and equipment. Used as recommended, product provides daily protection from performance-robbing buildup of deposits and debris and extends injector, spark plug and fuel pump life. Fuel Mate Plus also stabilizes fuel and inhibits fuel varnishing during off-season storage of vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles and watercraft. Just add 1 ounce of Fuel Mate Plus to every 10 gallons of gasoline using the size below most appropriate for you.

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I shared my story about Fuel Mate Plus®

At leadership in August, Charles encouraged us to "tell the story" about Fuel Mate Plus®. With the high gas prices, more people (everyone who drives a car) should be using Fuel Mate Plus. The day I got home from leadership, I told a friend about Fuel Mate Plus. She became an IBO; started using Fuel Mate Plus and within two tanks of gas, her mileage had increased by three miles per gallon (from 26-29 mpg). She was very excited and could not believe the results she got in such a short time!

Convoy®, ATF-Xtra™ and Fuel Mate Plus® extend my gas mileage and engine life

I drive a 1998 Chevy Venture mini-van in my locksmith business. Before Conklin, it was a struggle to get 20mpg. Since changing to Convoy®, ATF-Xtra™ and Fuel Mate Plus® in every tank, I have been getting 24mpg to as high as 26.4 mpg on a consistent basis. I weighed this van at the elevator a few weeks ago and with myself and ¾ tank of gass this van weighed in at just over 5200 pounds. The van has 196,000 miles on the odometer.

Gained an additional 78 miles per tank

I had a bad EGR valve and the check engine light was on and was only getting 260 miles per tank. I added 4-Power® Fuel System Cleaner and gained an additional 15 miles per tank. Then I added Fuel Mate Plus® Gasoline Conditioner and by my third tank of gas I had gained an additional 76 miles! I'm now up to 338 miles per tank of gas. It cleaned out the EGR valve a considerable amount. I've used almost everything on the market to clean it out and nothing worked until now!

Harley Davidson Rides Great with Convoy® 20W-50 Racing Oil

I recently purchased a Harley-Davidson with twenty-five thousand miles on it. I asked the owner about mileage and he stated that I could expect about 30 mpg. He said that the service has always been through a dealer and that H-D lubricants were used exclusively. The first thing that I did was to check the mileage myself and confirmed 33.01 mpg, which I accepted as the norm for this cycle. Then I changed all lubricants to Conklin, using Convoy® 20W-50 Racing Oil in the engine and Gold Guard Plus in the transmission and primary chain case. I added Fuel Mate Plus® to the gas and on the first tank the mileage jumped to 37.56 mpg. The second tank of gas surprised me with a result of 41 mpg. All this while the shifting became smoother and the engine noises noticeably quieted. Needless to say, I am very pleased.

Get better Gas Mileage with Fuel Mate Plus® Gasoline Conditioner

I have a retail customer that has a 1994 460 Ford 350 van and an 1988 350 one ton cube chevrolet. He is running TKO® Engine Oil Treatment and Fuel Mate Plus® Gasoline Conditioner, his first trip out he saved $70 in gas that month with a increase of 2.7 mile per gallon in the 460 Ford and 1.8 miles per gallon in the 350 Chevy one ton vehicle. It cost probably $8 for the treatments and almost a $70 dollar saving the first month.

My customer came back after trying other fuel additives

I have a customer that has been using Fuel Mate Plus® Gasoline Conditioner on a regular basis and has gained 30 more miles to a tank full of fuel on a consistent basis. He has used it now for about 5 months. He ran out and moved out of my area and was not buying it for a short period of time and tried other alternatives and they did not give him a fuel response so he came back to me for the Fuel Mate Plus.

My car passed the state inspection without a tuneup!

I drive a 1989 Ford Escort, the last time I had a tune up was last June, just before I was due to get a new state inspection sticker. Last month I put in 4-Power® Fuel System Cleaner, then I followed up with Fuel Mate Plus® Gasoline Conditioner. Not only did this treatment cause my car to run a lot smoother but I was going for gas alot less. I was pleased with just that. However, when my car passed the New Jersey Emissions test without a tune up since last year, that really got my attention. Naturally I am telling everybody. The man at the inpection station just about fainted. (In New Jersey they live to flunk drivers on emissions) I did not bother to tell him the last time I had a tuneup. I got excellent results! Thank You! You do not know how much money and nuisance time you saved me!

Save Money, Improve Performance

After adding 4-Power® and Fuel Mate Plus® to the gas in my 4X4 pickup, my tests have shown a fuel mileage increase of up to 15 percent. I also added it to my wife's car and she can drive farther on a single tank of gas. The combination of 4-Power and Fuel Mate Plus are great fuel system that save you money and improve performance.

Money in our Pocket

We are using Fuel Mate Plus® in both vehicles and have seen a significant difference. Our van has gone from 17.3 to 21.2 miles per gallon. Our truck has increased from 27.2 to 31.1 mpg. That is money in our pocket.

Imagine the money you can save each year with Convoy and Fuel Mate Plus

Jacki and I took a trip to Kansas City from Tiffin, Ohio on our way to SSM. We drove our 2004 Ford Expedition NBX 4X4 with the 5.4 liter V-8. We are using Convoy® motor oil and we just did our second oil change since we started using it last year. We have also been using Fuel Mate Plus® in the gas every time we fuel. On previous trip to KC, before Convoy and Fuel Mate Plus, we would average between 13 and 14.6 mpg. Since we started using the Convoy and Fuel Mate we have seen a dramatic change in the performance of our vehicle. We drove over 1500 miles to KC and back to Tiffin on this trip, used 74 gallons of gas and set the cruise on 72 mph. That averages out to 20.2 mpg in a large SUV! WOW! The last time we fuel on our way home from Kansas City, we averaged 21 mpg from Effingham, Illinois to Tiffin! We are still getting an average of 19.6 to 20 mpg driving back and forth to work and running around town. With Convoy and Fuel Mate Plus, we have gained over 5.5 mpg. At $2.70 per gallon average, I saved $75 on this last trip with Convoy and Fuel Mate Plus compared to the last trip without them. Imagine the money you can save each year with Convoy and Fuel Mate Plus.

Realize the savings

I have a retail customer that has a 460 cubic-inch Ford E350 van and a 350 cubic-inch Chevrolet cube van. He is adding TKO® engine oil treatment every oil change and Fuel Mate Plus® gasoline conditioner with every fill up. On his first trip out, he saved $70 in gas that month with an increase of 2.7 miles per gallon in the Ford and 1.8 miles per gallon in the Chevrolet. The cost for the treatments was only $8, netting him $62 in savings.

30 Percent Fuel Mileage Increase!

I used Fuel Mate Plus in my 'Ol Dodge with a 360 engine. I noticed a 30% fuel mileage increase!

Gaining More Fuel Economy

I started using 4Power and Fuel Mate Plus shortly after becoming an IBO. My fuel economy has improved by 3 miles to the gallon! Since then, I have also converted to using Convoy and have gained yet another mile per gallon. It is only getting better!

Noticable Mileage Increase

I started using Fuel Mate Plus in our van and used 4-Power. Upon adding TKO, when I converted my van to Convoy, I noticed a .6 mileage increase during my drive to Conklin Business Seminar.

Starting a Stubborn Air Compressor

I purchased an air compressor that was hard to start. I put in some 4-POWER a couple of times and what a difference. I add FUEL MATE PLUS every time I fill up. CONKLIN products are great products!

Savings are Worth it!

I have been using FUEL MATE PLUS in my Toyota Rav 4 for over a year now and the difference is more than noticeable. I average 38 miles plus per gallon on the highway. I traveled this summer from Leo, IN to Pittsburg, PA . . . around 385 miles . . . and I used less than 3/4 of a tank. The mileage that trip was right at 40 mpg. FUEL MATE PLUS has saved me way more money than I will ever spend buying it. By the way, my Rav is a full-time 4X4! P.S. Before FUEL MATE PLUS, I averaged 29-30 mpg.

Before we left on our road trip we had this Lincoln checked out by Ford as we were disappointed with the fuel economy. With only 5000 mile on our Lincoln, Ford said there is nothing we can do to improve the fuel economy. So before we left North Dakota, we changed the engine oil from Ford’s oil to Convoy® engine oil. We also treated the gasoline with 4-Power® fuel system cleaner before leaving home. On the trip we treated the gasoline with Fuel Mate Plus®, and went the remarkable 17 ½ mpg. to 22 ½ mpg. The $15.00 investment of Fuel Mate Plus® brought us a $230.00 return.

MY SUBURBAN HIT THE TRIPLE NICKEL!!!! My Suburban turned over 555,000 original miles as we were coming into the Los Angeles area Sat. night. I know it's not really possible but I think it's running better than ever. Sometimes at a stop sign I have to glance down and look at the rpm gauge to make sure it is still running because it is so smooth. There has never been a wrench on the valve covers or the oil is ORIGINAL! It still burns no oil (even on start-up) thanks to Convoy 15W-40, Fuel Mate Plus in every tank, 4-Power every 4-5,000 miles, Safe in the radiator, Gold Guard in the differential, and ATF Xtra in the transmission. Every single front-end part except the pitman arm is still original as well thanks to Rhino grease! (About three hundred thousand miles back, the power steering unit was leaking and the fluid dropped down on the pitman arm and took it out in short order. Instead of replacing the power steering unit with a new one my mechanic put about an ounce of Translast in the power steering unit and the leak stopped in a couple of days.) The current set of tires have 84,000 miles on them and still have a few thousand miles of life left in them so the front end parts are, obviously, in pretty good shape! Just north of Las Vegas, we ran into heavy rain and I really appreciated RAVE...I had EXCELLENT visibility without using the wipers thanks to RAVE on the windshield. (The first time one encounters heavy rain after applying RAVE for the first time get ready for an almost surreal experience.) RAVE makes traveling in rain conditions much safer! Ben Welch, Lincoln, NE. yes

Before we left on this road trip they had our Lincoln checked out by Ford as we were disappointed with the fuel economy. With only 5000 mile on this Lincoln, Ford said there is nothing we can do to improve the fuel economy. So before we left North Dakota, we changed the engine oil from Ford’s oil to Convoy® engine oil. We also treated the gasoline with 4-Power® fuel system cleaner before leaving home. On the trip we treated the gasoline with Fuel Mate Plus®, and went the remarkable 17 ½ mpg. to 22 ½ mpg. The $15.00 investment of Fuel Mate Plus® brought us a $230.00 return.
-- Walt & Rita Steiner

I drive a total of 12,500 miles per year and get 11.9 mpg. That means I use a total of 1050 gallons of fuel anually. With the cost of gas at $3.29, I was spending $3,454 on fuel per year! Now that I'm using Fuel Mate Plus, I'm only using 714 gallons of fuel per year -- saving me $1105. And when I subtract the total yearly cost of Fuel Mate Plus (just $62) I save a total of $1043 a year! That's huge!
-- Ken Bergey

I have a 1994 460 C.I.D. Ford F-350 cube van and a 1988 350 C.I.D. one ton Chevrolet. I am running TKO and Fuel Mate Plus. After monitoring it for a while, I'm getting another 2.7 miles per gallon in the 460 Ford one ton and 1.8 miles per gallon in the 350 Chevrolet one ton vehicle.
-- Rick W.

We have a Toyota with 150,000 miles and we changed to 4 power & Fuel Mate Plus, we went from 25 mpg to 28 mpg just like new. We bought a brand new Toyota and that car went up 2 mpg with Fuel Mate Plus also.

“ My Ford Contour idled rough, hesitated and jerked during acceleration from a stop. After running two fills of gas with Fuel Mate Plus, my car runs like new! Fuel Mate Plus really works. And the pre-measured, two ounce bottles are convenient.”

I was given a 1988 Buick La Sabre from my brother. It had approximately 160,000 miles on the motor. I cleaned the fuel system with 4 Power G, started using Fuel Mate with every fill up and switched it to Convoy motor oil, I went from 18 mpg to 25 mpg and it runs awesome. I am protecting my motor and fuel system while a ton of saving money!
-- Kimbra G.

My 2003 Ford Explorer sport truck has 134,000 miles on it and was getting 12 mpg in the city and 17 mpg on the highway. After adding Conklin's Fuel Mate to the tank for the second time with a fresh oil change, my truck's mileage jumped to 16 mpg city and 20 mpg highway. Now, even though my truck needs an oil change, it's still getting 16 mpg city and 20 mpg highway.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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What are the benefits of using Fuel Mate Plus®?

Key Benefits

  • Improved efficiency
  • Keeps carburetors and injectors clean
  • Inhibits fuel system rust and corrosion
  • Minimizes intake valve deposits
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Helps extend engine life,/li>
  • Will not harm catalytic converters

Fuel Mate Plus also acts as a gas stabilizer. It keeps gas fresh in seasonal vehicles or equipment, providing longer storage life, and prevents fuel varnishing.


For best performance with gas vehicles, including Marine, ATVs, and others:

  • Add one ounce of Fuel Mate Plus to 10 gallons of gasoline.
  • A two ounce bottle treats up to 20 gallons.
  • One pint treats 125 to 160 gallons.
  • Add Fuel Mate Plus before filling tank with gasoline.
  • Use at every fill-up to keep engine clean.
  • Do not exceed two times recommended treat rate.

For small engines, e.g., lawnmowers:

  • Add Fuel Mate Plus to gas can before using.
  • Do not exceed 2 ounces per 5 gallons.

For best results use 4-Power® G before using Fuel Mate Plus

How do I add Fuel Mate Plus® or 4-Power G® to a vehicle with a capless fuel filler neck?

An additional funnel is supplied with your vehicle. Use this funnel in the recommended way to add Fuel Mate Plus and 4-Power G to your vehicle. Refer to your owner's manual for information on using this funnel and its location in your vehicle.

Will Fuel Mate Plus® increase the octane rating of gasoline?

No, Fuel Mate Plus® will not increase the octane rating of gasoline.

Typically people want to increase the octane level to eliminate engine "knocking".  And it is not always a benefit to increase the octane; you should use the gasoline octane rating advised for use by the vehicles manufacturer for that vehicle. 

If "knocking" occurs, it is usually because of combustion chamber deposits. Fuel Mate Plus and both 4-Power® G and D  products can have a significant effect on those deposits and thus reduce knocking.

Can I use Fuel Mate Plus® in two-cycle engines?

Fuel Mate Plus can be used in all two-cycle engines including boats, PWC's, snowmobiles, motorcycles and lawn and garden equipment. Fuel Mate Plus can be used in gas/oil for pre-mix engines or added to the gas for oil injected engines.

Fuel Mate Plus will help keep the engine, carburetor and exhaust valve clean for better performance.  Plus, it will stabilize the gas/oil mixture for longer storage life.

If you can't find your answer above feel free to ask us. We will give you an answer as soon as possible.

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Fuel Mate Plus® Gasoline Conditioner

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