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Mox® Multipurpose Cleaner

Highly-concentrated — one quart makes sixteen 22-oz. bottles
Mox replaces multiple cleaners and handles your toughest cleaning jobs, from greasy kitchen appliances to grimy bathroom surfaces. Concentrated, biodegradable formula removes stains without harsh bleaches or solvents.

Mox 001776, 2 - 21/2 gallon size and 001792, 55 gallon size, are discontinued but there is still some left in stock. Buy now before it runs out!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Can Mox® Multipurpose Cleaner be used in a carpet steam cleaning machine?

Yes, Mox can be used in a carpet steam cleaning machine, but a defoaming agent MUST be added to the mixture. A colorfast area is recommended for testing the carpet prior to use.

The recommended mixture is one ounce Mox per two gallons of hot water.

Can I use Mox® to clean windows and mirrors?

Mox Multipurpose Cleaner will cause streaking on windows and mirrors, and therefore is not recommended. Reflections® Plus Multipurpose Glass Cleaner is recommended for use on windows, mirrors, glass and light duty cleaning.

Can I use Mox® Multipurpose Cleaner full strength even though it is concentrated?

Mox is a cleaning concentrate and must be diluted with water in order to work properly. We are led to believe to make a product work better you have to use more; that is not true with Conklin® Cleaners.

 You will save money as you have the option to dilute Mox to fit all light-to-heavy duty  cleaning jobs.

What can I use to clean concrete?

The Conklin® product  used to clean concrete depends on what you are trying to clean off the concrete.

For dirt and grime Mox® mixed at a dilution of 1-10 to 1-20 in warm water and sprayed with a hand sprayer on the damp concrete is recommended. Wet the concrete, spray on the Mox, agitate and let set for 10 to 15 minutes, agitate and rinse. Reapply on problem areas if necessary.

If you have rust and/or lime build-up Multi-Surface Gel® is recommended. Mix for light, medium or heavy deposits and follow directions.

For grease and oil on garage floors or driveways use Bontz® Oven and Grill  Cleaner. Mix 15 ounces of Bontz with one gallon of hot water. Apply liberally to small areas, let set for a few minutes, scrub and rinse well.

Will Mox® harm grass and plant life?

Most cleaning products will harm grass and shrubs if  a large amount of cleaners soak into the root system. Mox is no different.

However, if a small amount of diluted Mox comes in contact with the grass above ground it is not likely to cause any problems. We recommend using caution when using cleaning products outdoors. Avoid grass and plants when possible. Cover plants with clear plastic and water thoroughly immediately after removing plastic.

Are Conklin® cleaners environmentally friendly?

Conklin offers many environmentally-friendly cleaners and laundry products. What makes so many of our cleaners and laundry products safe for your business, family and the environment?

Concentrated Cleaners
Our concentrated cleaners are not unnecessarily diluted and contain no added fillers. This results in fewer plastic containers crowding landfills and more money in your pocket.

Bleach Free Cleaners
All Conklin cleaners are bleach-free. Chlorine bleach is a caustic chemical which can damage fabrics and other surfaces. Too much bleach can have a negative effect on septic systems.

Petroleum Free Cleaners
All Conklin cleaners are petroleum free, unlike other cleaning products that may contain hazardous ingredients such as degreasers.

Effective and Efficient Cleaners
They just work! You don't need to overuse or rewash over and over. Conklin cleaners are multipurpose, effective and efficient, resulting in less waste all around.

Most Conklin cleaners are biodegradable. Biodegradable formulas naturally break down, unlike toxic cleaners which contaminate the ground and water supply.

Phosphate Free
Most Conklin cleaners are phosphate free. Phosphates, which are found in many detergents and cleaners, can harm the environment making water less healthy for humans, animals and plants.

Some Conklin cleaners are more environmentally friendly than others.
View the Specifications File for each product to determine which cleaning products are biodegradable and phosphate free.

What are the differences between Mox-multi-purpose concentrated cleaner and Mox-e ready to use cleaner.

Conklin®'s #1 classic cleaner Mox is a concentrated multipurpose cleaner that must be mixed with water to work. For cleaning kithcens and bathrooms mix two ounces Mox with 20 ounces of water in a Mox spray bottle. One quart of Mox equals 16 ( 22 ounce) bottles of powerful cleaning power. For heavy-duty cleaning mix four and one-half ounces of Mox with water in a Mox spray bottle.

Mox-e® is a ready to use multipurpose cleaner, no mixing required. Simply refill the 32-ounce spray bottle from the 1-gallon bottle.

Whether you choose Mox or Mox-e they are both biodegradable and phosphate-free, formulated for superior grease cutting power on your toughest cleaning jobs.

If you can't find your answer above feel free to ask us. We will give you an answer as soon as possible.

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