Conklin Myra & Kenneth Franke
Myra & Kenneth Franke | 305 1St ST Ne,Po Box 123 | Po Box 123 | Plato MN 55370 | E-mail MYRA.FRANKE@CONKLINIBO.COM | 3202382370 (tel)

Conklin Independent Business Owner Ken & Myra Franke

Think About Owning Your Own Conklin Business

Ken and Myra Franke joined the Conklin Company in 1981. They are trained in all product divisions. They are looking for Business Builders, wholesale buyers and retail customers. For more information in getting started in your own Conklin business, contact Ken and Myra today.

Save Thousands in Fuel Costs

Conklin 4-Power Fuel System Cleaner aggressively cleans entire fuel system, increasing fuel economy. Fuel Mate Plus Gasoline Fuel Conditioner and Diesel Plus Diesel Fuel Conditioner increase fuel economy up to 10%, plus stablizing fuel in summer and winter. Engine modifications in most cases are not necessary when using Diesel Plus with ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and lowers gel point by up to 35 degrees. Now is the time to save money for your customers and in your business!

Best Business in America

Conklin is the best home business in the United States of America today. A 40 year old company, farmer owned. A well kept secret discovered! Purchase products retail on line or let us help you get started in your business today. Call 1-320-238-2370


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