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This could be the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

At HEARTLAND INTERNATIONAL, INC. we've been distributing high-performance lubricants, fuel and oil conditioners since 1974.

These products are way above ordinary. In fact we see three things that the users of our products regularly report:

  1. Improved mileage of 10% and more!
  2. Extended engine life.
  3. A dramatic reduction in maintenance costs.

What makes Conklin's High-Performance Lubricants so different from other products?

    Three key things:
  1. THE POLAR MOLECULE. In the 20's and 30's, Harry Conklin, the founder of our company, developed the first of our products. He discovered that he could compound lubricants that had an affinity for bare metal surfaces. The result is that these products outperform products that claim to keep engines running clean and efficient. It also means that there is never a dry start, since the polar molecule bonds to the metal surface, providing instant lubrication whenever you start your engines. This dramatically reduces engine wear and increases longevity.
  2. DECREASED SURFACE TENSION in fuel. Through the use of our fuel conditioners like FUEL MATE PLUS® for gasoline and DIESEL PLUS® for diesel, fuels burn more efficiently. This means more power and better mileage from every gallon you burn. Added lubrication is also present to reduce upper ring wear. AND, a big challenge these days, if you use diesel fuel, is ULS15 Diesel--a government mandate to reduce sulfur in fuels in order to reduce pollution. This ULS fuel is lacking in the lubrication. Therefore, without adding DIESEL PLUS, it won't meet the engine manufacturer's specifications. Using the ULS fuel alone can void warranties.
  3. The CONVOY Parasynthetic Moly Motor Oil. This oil has organic molybdenum, the most perfectly round molecule in nature. As a lubricant additive, it actually works into the metal surface and insures less friction and better mileage. We have hundreds of stories of vehicles that routinely go 500,000 miles and more using CONVOY oil.

These products enhance the performance of any vehicle or mechanical equipment that requires lubrication.

Place an order online to put the CONKLIN Lubrication Advantage to work for you. Contact us for any additional information. WE GUARANTEE that you'll see at least a 10% improvement in your mileage.. or your money back! It's that simple.


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