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How to Order Product at Discount, Unless You Prefer to Pay Full Retail

1.  Click on the ENROLL button to the left.

2.  Click on the preferred customer button (savings of up to 30 %) with a one time fee of $25.00

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3, You will then get a message to print out tax exempt form for the state you are in IF ordering Ag or Livestock

     to fax in.

4. Then you can place your order either on line or by phone. Please call 1-800-756-2475 to speak to a Sales Center Representative or call 770 855 6225 for assistance.

5.  If not sure, which is right for you: call 770 855 6225 for a consultation.

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What is Your PH of Your Water?

Your water PH that your are mixing with chemicals for crops should be 5.5. If not, for every point above that use 3 oz.of Kombind to

to bring down PH to 5.5. This wlll help the efficiency of your Roundup and all other chemicals.

Our products: The AgroVantageĀ® System

Our products: The AgroVantage® System

Making your land work for you can be a balancing act. If you are a modern farmer, you want to get the most from your crops. But at the same time, you want to keep the cost of your inputs low. If you are involved in the care of turfgrass and other plants in the landscape, you want them to be healthy throughout the season. Conklin`s nationally-recognized products and technologies are designed to help balance the equation so you know you are using the very best products for successful results.

Proven Technologies

All products have either been developed within the company's own Research and Development Department or have been developed at other institutions. Conklin's exclusive AgroVantage System has been constantly proven through years of field trials and through independent research agencies nationwide.

Conklin's Online Soil System

Meeting soil needs translates to healthier plants. Conklin's AgroVantage Online Soil System is an economic and environmental product recommendation program offering you an opportunity to reduce applied chemicals and fertilizers, lower input costs and obtain optimum results.

Conklin's AgroVantage System is rapidly becoming recognized as the premier recommendation program in the United States available to today' s professional grower, ag chemical and fertilizer dealer, independent consultant, or commercial lawn applicator. Besides featuring state-of-the-art products for plant growth and management, the AgroVantage System utilizes the latest in technology and soil test recommendations through the nation's leading independent laboratory. Once the soil analysis is complete, all data is available at your fingertips via the World Wide Web.

Holthaus Plot Tour, Axtell Kansas 2011

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