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Shift to higher quality fluids

Safeguard one of the most expensive parts of your vehicle with Conklin transmission fluids.

They’re proven to:

  • Protect over a wider temperature range.
    Conklin transmission fluids offer improved performance at cold temperatures and stand up to the toughest high-temperature conditions. That’s important as even normal driving conditions can push fluid temperatures beyond safety limits.
  • Lower your transmission temperature.
    Ninety percent of transmission failures are caused by overheating.
  • Prevent wear, friction, foaming, oxidation and corrosion.
    The result is better shifts.
  • Extend the life of clutches, valves, seals and pumps.
  • Lengthen drain intervals while improving mileage.

Prevent expensive transmission repair or replacement. Choose high-quality Conklin products. We even have a fluid for conventional use — Trans-Last ATF Conditioner®. Click on the downloads to the right for specific product information.


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