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Convoy® Parasynthetic Motor Oil with Moly –
more miles per buck

Extend the life of your vehicle or equipment and noticeably enhance its performance – simply by improving the quality of your motor oil. Convoy Parasynthetic Motor Oil is made from a specially formulated blend of synthetic oil, Poly alpha Olefin (PAO), conventional oil and Molybdenum - the best friction-reducing additive available. This unique combination helps you save time and money by:

  • Extending drain intervals 3 to 5 times longer
    than manufacturer’s recommendations.*

    That saves you the cost of oil, labor and downtime.
    And just imagine what you’ll save if you’re a fleet owner or manager.
  • Extending engine life.**
    You save on maintenance costs as well as valuable downtime.
  • Improving fuel economy.
    You save with every mile you drive.

Get more miles per buck. Choose the right viscosity for your vehicle or equipment by consulting the Convoy Usage Chart and/or the Lubricants Recommendation Guide.

For specific product information, please visit the Documents Library.

Conventional Oil Treatment

For those looking to improve their conventional oil, or to clean their higher mileage vehicle’s engine before switching to Convoy, Conklin offers TKO® Engine Oil Treatment.

*With filter changes done at recommended intervals. An oil analysis is advised at manufacturers’ recommended drain intervals; always change your oil filter at this time.
**Per independent laboratory oil analysis tests.

“Convoy motor oil is the foundation of my Vehicle Maintenance formula. I’ve been using Conklin Vehicle Products exclusively since I bought my Suburban in 1994. With over 569,000 miles (1/08), it still runs and looks like new. From motor oils and fuel conditioners to appearance products, I count on the longevity Conklin products provide.”
– Ben W., NE


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