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Take your baby to the spa

Transform your car or truck into a real head-turner with minimal elbow grease. Plus make it safer to drive in rainstorms. Conklin Appearance Products will make you proud to drive your vehicle no matter what its mileage.

Start the pampering with:

  • One-step Wash ‘N Wax
  • Leather N’ Vinyl Cleaner
  • Reflections Non-fogging Glass Cleaner

Finish with:

  • RAVE® Windshield Treatment.
    It improves visibility while repelling moisture. One coat protects for weeks.

Make your baby look as great as it runs. Click on the links to the right for specific product information.

Handy helpers

Conklin offers products that shield hands from stains, grease and cold weather and that clean them thoroughly without water. Click on the downloads to the right for specific product information.

“I put RAVE® Rain Activated Vision Enhancer on the windshields of my vehicles and have noticed in the pouring rain, my wipers are probably going half as fast as the other people on the road. It is just amazing at how the water repels off the windshield, it also keeps the dust off better, and seems to get the bugs off better. I do not have to scrub like the way the other people do to get the bugs off.”
— Marcus Z.


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