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The Missing Piece to Your Green Lawn

If you’re looking for a liquid program that delivers faster green-up, season-long dark green lawns with fewer applications for your customers, Feast® fertilizers are your answer. Whether you need premium nitrogen, a complete N-P-K formulation or essential secondary and micronutrients, the Feast line of products will meet your needs.

Consistently recognized as top fertilizers for the lawn care industry, Feast products start with the high quality raw materials to produce superior finished products that perform. You can tank-mix the entire line of Feast lawn care products, thus allowing for a complete application in one pass.

The Feast lawn care products will:

  • Enable fewer applications per season without sacrificing performance.
  • Provide long-lasting nitrogen nutrition.
  • Perform and be compatible with other turf products.
  • Offer maximum plant nutrition.
“Side by side, lawns fed with the Feast fertilizer stay greener and the roots grow better. Conklin’s lawn care products are definitely superior.”
— Don S., Lawn Care Professional Sauter Enterprises, MN



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