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For Every Stage of your Animal’s Life Cycle

Fastrack®’s Microbial Pack is our Signature Product
Recognized world-wide as a superior, direct-fed microbial feed additive, Fastrack Microbial Pack is best used when top-dressed or mixed into any daily ration, high grain or forage diet.

There is a specially-formulated Fastrack Microbial Pack and supplement for every stage of an animal’s Life Cycle. Use daily to add the beneficial bacteria, digestive enzymes, and live yeast that help animals get the most nutrients from the feeds they eat. They will reward you with a lifetime of healthy enhanced performance and production from increased feed consumption and utilization.

“I was skeptical about using Fastrack because our horse CJ never seemed to respond to any supplements regardless of price. However, she responded to this product like no other in the past. She is physically strong and healthy now. Her stamina is at a level beyond what I have ever experienced before.”
—Renee C., Missouri


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