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Press Room/Media

AgroVantage Conference Calls

Monthly AgroVantage Conference Calls
These calls will focus on timely topics and the benefits Conklin’s AgroVantage products offer farmers. You don’t want to miss them!

Monthly Conference Calls, 1st Thursday of each month @ 8:00pm CST

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AgroVantage® Q&A Conference Calls
Hosted by Executive Director Dennis Nun of Lincoln, NE, and Conklin Product Specialist, these calls discuss the benefits and applications of a specific product and end with a question and answer period on any AgroVantage product or application.

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Download Interview
Mark Fillbrandt interviewed about responsible use of agricultural chemicals on Trade Talk at the NAFB convention
MP3 file, 4.2 MB, duration 4 minutes 36 seconds

Where is Conklin?'s Story Being Told?

Listen to recordings of radio broadcasts, interviews, and conference calls for your own information, and share them with your customers and prospects. You can link to any of these files from your Website or social media site, or download them to a mobile device such as an iPod or other mp3 player. Take downloaded files with you into the field and play them during sales presentations - no Internet connection required!

Radio Commercials for AgroVantage? and Fastrack?

Pam Fretwell has recorded a number of 30- and 60-second radio spots (click here to access) for IBOs to use in their advertising programs. They are available at no charge.

Media Contacts

Steve Bonar